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Air Compressors Require Clean Air Also!

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The air we breathe everyday is total of contamination. It’s water vapor and airborne particulates that we inhale into our lungs. The huge majority isn’t damaging and we barely discover that its even there. Nevertheless, to your air compressor these harmless contaminants can turn into quite dangerous on account of the compression procedure. During the compression process an air compressor concentrates organic contaminants within the air and this procedure can make them dangerous to air compressors and its components. Overtime they begin to erode your components, valves and be passed on to your air equipment. Lets seem at water condensation. Water vapor is really a regular a part of the air we breathe, specially in case you reside in a humid climate. It truly is harmless at standard atmospheric pressures. Nevertheless once the stress is raised in the compression procedure, hot air is pushed by way of hoses and fittings and when it contacts the cooler air condensation forms. Water could be extremely damaging for your air compressor and air tools as time passes and getting rid of it’s a priority. Water isn’t the only liquid that will harm your technique. Even, lubrication can cause harm if extreme amounts are inside your air technique. Older air compressors specifically have this difficulty. Because they get older and elements begin to put on out, lubricating oils leak into the compressed air can damage the unit. Don’t forget solids as well. Rust, dirt and metal are all present and can attack your compressed air technique. The results of air contamination are reduced efficiency and elevated upkeep fees on the two your air compressor and air equipment. There are many ways to attack these troubles and shield your air compressor.


Aftercoolers will cool the air temperature as it is discharged in the compressor. As being a general rule for every 20 degrees F cooled, about half from the moisture is condensed. Aftercoolers bring discharge air temperature down from 200 400 degrees F to inside of 20 -50 degrees from the ambient air temperature. This method will lead to most of the moisture to condense into a liquid state. Then the water may be removed in the method before it could cause any harm. An aftercooler can usually take away all around 60% from the moisture from the air.


Dryers also take away moisture in the air compressor system by decreasing temperature. Dryers typically take away all around 30% with the moisture. That is along with the 60% the aftercooler eliminated. For this reason you commonly see an aftercooler and a dryer the two hooked up to an air compressor to generate the driest air achievable.

Coalescing Filters

Now that you are removing most of the water vapor from your air compressor utilizing a aftercooler/dryer blend, that even now leaves reliable particulates within your technique. They are frequently rust, metal and dirt. Lets face it, an vehicle store is just not the cleanest environment! Filters could be additional to your shop air compressor to get rid of these particles. Filters don’t condense water vapor and are only helpful for sound particles. These are not a replacement for an aftercooler or dryer.

To be able to get the cleanest air achievable out of your air compressor, I would recommend utilizing all 3 choices in your shop air technique. They are going to spend for themselves in a longer lifestyle for the air compressor, better performance and performance for your air resources and longer air tool life.

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